Why RunRecruits
?  Runrecruits is committed to the service of its customers and will use every resource available to provide exposure to your student athlete. We are also a very cost effective way to gain assistance for the student athlete in the recruiting process. Our goal is to make every athlete a national recruit.

Perform athletically and Academically - A lot of athletes feel that if they just perform well athletically that they are guaranteed a scholarship. This is not the case. Most college coaches are looking for a combination of athletic performance and academic performance. Many athletes lose scholarship offers due to being a non-qualifier or a partial qualifier. Don’t be that athlete. 


Widen your horizons- Many athletes dream of being a division 1 recruit and a lot of you will be but be sure not to remove division 2, division 3 or NAIA schools from your search. The key in this process is to receive the best scholarship offer possible and to go the school that’s the best fit for you.

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